2WENTY Bad Habits Art Swagger.JPG
2WENTY, Bad Habits, 2017, Acrylic, light and canvas, 25”H x 21”W x 4 1/2”D

B R E N D A   H A R R O P   A R T   A D V I S O R Y


is pleased to present an illuminated solo exhibition by

2 W E N T Y


 September 27th, 5 - 10pm at Interior Architects DTLA

7th Annual Art Swagger

to benefit Free Arts for children in Los Angeles.

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The appearance of Interior Architect’s two story DTLA penthouse will be transformed by 2wenty’s luminescent and mesmerizing light paintings. Using visual techniques drawn from his background in lighting for film and television, 2wenty explores the power of light to create an immersive light experience. 


Words like Balance, No Stress and Bad Habits become purely visual signs that levitate within pools of light. From early on, 2wenty had a fascination with words, and the presence of linguistic phrases is seen throughout his aesthetic practice and evokes the dreams, desires and longings of our contemporary culture.


Luminous, richly saturated monochromatic color fields radiate auras beyond the geometric shapes of acrylic encapsulating the light paintings. The acrylic displaces the traditional illusion of spatial depth with a literal expanse of space. This is the culmination of 2wenty’s progression toward the most simplified form of light, space and written text in abstract form.